The Story of the Dog

As Blue reclines on his plush armchair, sipping a fine whiskey and puffing on his cigar, he recalls his earlier days, back when he was just a pup in Howth…

He laughs at the various nicknames he has come to own over the years. With only three legs and a brave attitude, he was quite infamous in Howth. The local fishermen would call him Neptune, his resemblance to the trident striking their hearts. Other locals called him The Old Stool, his 3 legs holding firm. As an Old English Sheepdog, he was quite the character! He recalls his kidnapping, the ransom and the brave rescue at the Gresham Hotel in 1999. His identifying feature of a blue eye and a brown eye saved him, and almost earned him the name of Bowie, but Blue was perfect. He was reunited with his best pal, Sweetpea.

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He remembers the quaint old railway cottage that he first called home. A small one-story house filled with love, fun and craziness and the vivid smells of Mary’s home cooking – it was magical.

Looking up at the scenic stonework, he sees the beauty of the old Howth tram bridge overhead. Although decommissioned in May 1959, the history still remains intact today. Under the archway, he made his home.

He thinks back to the days when the Howth Cottage Market first opened its doors. Local traders from all over Dublin coming to display their handcrafted trinkets and ornaments for sale. From 50-million-year-old Moroccan sea fossils to elegant masquerade masks; some remain hidden amongst the decor today!

One of his fondest memories surfaces as he finds his old teapot, the very one that the first cup of tea was poured from. The old silver holds both memories and character. Whilst putting on his favourite jazz playlist, he remembers the beginning of Blue’s Tea Rooms…

Opening in 2010, with the vivid imagination of an Atlantic crossing sailor, The Dog House & Blue’s Tea Rooms has become a local favourite for all occasions. Originally a small tea/coffee market stall, The Dog House has steadily grown from the continued support and love from all our customers! From your Granny’s table to your Uncles’s armchair, you never know what you may find amongst our collection. With a double bed in the middle of the restaurant, to our cosy fireplace, one can always find somewhere to feel at home. With our large selection of fine wines, cigars, and delicious food, we invite you to share Blue’s home with us!

We hope you feel the love, thought and passion that went in to creating this little gem in

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